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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


\AD-uh-muhnt\ , adjective;
Not capable of being swayed by pleas, appeals, or reason; not susceptible to persuasion; unyielding.
In the cabin, the skipper and Truong Hong were arguing furiously, one convinced the boat had run aground, the other adamant that it was snared in nets.
-- Tran Vu, The Dragon Hunt
I pretended that nothing had happened, so adamant in my denial that my memory gradually underwent a revision.
-- Chu T'ien-wen, Notes of a Desolate Man
It's amazing the ignorance--and the adamant ignorance--of so many people, people one would think might at least admit to simply not having knowledge of something.
-- Ira Berkow, To the Hoop: The Seasons of a Basketball Life
Adamant derives from Greek adamas, adamant-, "unconquerable; the hardest metal; diamond."
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