Word of the Day Archive
December 2005

  1. alfresco: outdoors; outdoor.
  2. redivivus: living again; revived; restored.
  3. chagrin: acute vexation or embarrassment.
  4. gaucherie: a socially awkward or tactless act; also, lack of tact.
  5. panache: dash or flamboyance in manner or style.
  6. logorrhea: excessive talkativeness.
  7. assiduous: constant in application or attention.
  8. sylvan: pertaining to woods or forests.
  9. voluptuary: a person devoted to luxury and the gratification of sensual appetites.
  10. inure: to make used to; also, to take or have effect.
  11. auspicious: favorable; also, prosperous; fortunate.
  12. tmesis: in grammar and rhetoric, the separation of the parts of a compound word.
  13. carapace: a shell; a protective covering.
  14. paladin: a champion of a cause.
  15. hale: free from disease and weakening conditions; healthy.
  16. sacrosanct: sacred; inviolable.
  17. melange: a mixture.
  18. vainglory: excessive pride or vain display.
  19. sub rosa: secretly; privately; confidentially.
  20. digerati: persons knowledgeable about computers.
  21. confrere: a colleague, comrade, or intimate associate.
  22. querulous: habitually complaining; also, expressing complaint.
  23. vociferous: clamorous; noisy.
  24. firmament: the sky; the heavens.
  25. jollification: merrymaking; revelry.
  26. benefaction: the act of conferring a benefit; also, a benefit conferred.
  27. apposite: of striking appropriateness and relevance.
  28. cynosure: a center of attention.
  29. quiddity: the essence or nature of a thing.
  30. perquisite: a benefit in addition to a salary.
  31. Hogmanay: a gift given on New Year's Eve.


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