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Saturday, June 03, 2006


\GLAY-bruhs\ , adjective;
Smooth; having a surface without hairs, projections, or any unevenness.
This species has a bluish-tinged body completely covered in white flecking in the typical species, though completely glabrous green variants are also seen without any of the body flecking.
-- Kevin G. Belmonte, "The woolly Astrophytums", The Philippine Star, June 6, 2009
We offered to the rebarbative Senator Patrick Leahy's demands on us amused resistance and the promise to buy the glabrous old boy a proper hairpiece.
-- R Emmett Tyrrell Jr., "Jumpin' Jim Jehoshaphat!", The American Spectator, July 1, 2001
Glabrous is from Latin glaber, "smooth, bald."
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