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Saturday, July 22, 2006


\KUR-suh-ree\ , adjective;
Hastily or superficially performed.
In a time when most college coeds had strict curfews, Bennington students had none, and only a cursory morning check to make sure that we were alive and in our beds.
-- Kathleen Norris, The Virgin of Bennington
When she handed me the tickets, I took a cursory look at them to see if all was in order.
-- Bell Hooks, Killing Rage: Ending Racism
On most days, however, she confined her daily reading to a cursory scan of two or three newspapers.
-- James A. Drake, Rosa Ponselle: A Centenary Biography
Cursory is from Late Latin cursorius, "of running," from Latin cursor, "runner," from currere, "to run."
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