Word of the Day Archive
September 2006

  1. acquiesce: to accept or consent passively or without objection.
  2. confute: to refute conclusively.
  3. insouciant: marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalant.
  4. surcease: cessation; stop; end.
  5. arcane: understood or known by only a few.
  6. verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability.
  7. pervicacious: stubborn; obstinate.
  8. small beer: weak beer; also, matters of little importance.
  9. vade mecum: a book or other thing that one regularly carries about.
  10. suasion: the act of persuading.
  11. pejorative: disparaging; belittling.
  12. tetchy: peevish; testy; irritable.
  13. erudite: characterized by extensive reading or knowledge.
  14. fanfaronade: empty boasting; bluster.
  15. riparian: of or pertaining to the bank of a river.
  16. inhere: to be inherent.
  17. staid: steady or sedate in character.
  18. commodious: comfortably spacious; roomy.
  19. improvident: lacking foresight; negligent; thoughtless.
  20. cataract: a large waterfall; also, a downpour, a flood.
  21. solace: comfort in grief.
  22. opprobrium: reproach mingled with contempt.
  23. stanch: to stop the flowing of; to check.
  24. vertiginous: causing dizziness; also, giddy; dizzy.
  25. militate: to have force or influence.
  26. ostensible: appearing to be true, but not necessarily so.
  27. fulsome: offensive from excess of praise.
  28. aesthete: one who cultivates great sensitivity to beauty.
  29. monomania: obsession with a single subject.
  30. prescient: knowing or anticipating the outcome of events before they happen.


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