Word of the Day Archive
October 2006

  1. swan song: a final or farewell appearance, action, or pronouncement.
  2. recalcitrant: stubbornly resistant to and defiant of authority or restraint.
  3. indomitable: incapable of being subdued or overcome.
  4. bloviate: to speak or write in a pompous manner.
  5. tutelary: guardian; protecting.
  6. privation: the state of being deprived of something.
  7. gambol: to dance and skip about in play.
  8. deprecate: to disapprove of; also, to belittle.
  9. braggadocio: empty boasting.
  10. perorate: to conclude or sum up a long discourse; also, to speak at length.
  11. hypnagogic: inducing sleep; of or pertaining to drowsiness.
  12. concinnity: elegance -- used chiefly of literary style.
  13. extraneous: coming from the outside; also, not essential; also, irrelevant.
  14. lascivious: lewd; lustful.
  15. facile: easily done or performed.
  16. tchotchke: a trinket; a knickknack.
  17. exemplar: an ideal model or type.
  18. obstreperous: noisily and stubbornly defiant; also, boisterous.
  19. qua: in the capacity or character of; as.
  20. ken: knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception.
  21. ancillary: subordinate, subsidiary; auxiliary.
  22. perfidy: faithlessness; treachery.
  23. felicitous: apt or appropriate; also, delightful.
  24. solicitous: manifesting, expressing, or full of care or concern.
  25. crabwise: sideways; also, in a cautiously indirect manner.
  26. rapport: relation characterized by sympathetic understanding.
  27. inveterate: deep-rooted; of long standing.
  28. virtu: love of or taste for fine objects of art; also, productions of art.
  29. contemporaneous: originating, existing, or occurring at the same time.
  30. febrile: feverish.
  31. wan: pale; also, lacking vitality or intensity.


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