Word of the Day Archive
November 2006

  1. prevaricate: to depart from or evade the truth.
  2. ostracize: to banish or expel.
  3. fillip: a snap; also, a stimulus.
  4. apocryphal: of doubtful authorship or authenticity.
  5. harangue: a speech addressed to a public assembly; also, a noisy or pompous speech.
  6. copse: a thicket of small trees or bushes; a small wood.
  7. obfuscate: to make obscure or unclear; also, to darken.
  8. agrestic: pertaining to fields or the country.
  9. congeries: a collection; an aggregation.
  10. peripatetic: walking about or traveling from place to place.
  11. turgid: swollen, bloated; also, bombastic, pompous.
  12. idyll: a poem or prose work depicting rural or pastoral life; also, a carefree episode or experience.
  13. ab ovo: from the beginning.
  14. gauche: lacking social polish; tactless.
  15. inexorable: unyielding; relentless.
  16. putative: commonly thought or deemed; supposed.
  17. dotage: feebleness of mind due to old age.
  18. bootless: unavailing; useless.
  19. proclivity: a natural inclination.
  20. exacerbate: to aggravate; to make worse.
  21. subaltern: subordinate.
  22. mollify: to reduce in intensity; to soothe; to soften.
  23. trencherman: a hearty eater.
  24. avoirdupois: weight; heaviness.
  25. inclement: harsh; severe -- especially said of the weather.
  26. travail: painful, arduous work; also, agony, anguish.
  27. equivocate: to be deliberately ambiguous or unclear.
  28. redact: to edit.
  29. vapid: flat; dull; spiritless.
  30. galvanic: pertaining to a direct current of electricity; also, having the effect of an electric shock.


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