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Monday, October 15, 2007


\PUR-blynd\ , adjective;
Having greatly reduced vision.
Lacking in insight or discernment.
Add to this that the work seems unsure of its audience, providing no footnotes or exact references, but concluding with a bizarre parade of bibliographical essays running to 59 pages; that it gives the date only about once every 100 pages (and then not always the right date...) and leaves us feeling as if we were wandering purblind in some deep cave.
-- James R. Kincaid, "The Sum Of His Oddities", New York Times, January 13, 1991
Those changes, whose pressing necessity by the end of the 1980s was surely evident to all but the most purblind, would have taken place in any case.
-- Bryan Gould, "Mandy", New Statesman, January 29, 1999
But something is fundamentally wrong at Leeds, something that even the most ardent supporters -- and other purblind apologists -- must surely come to recognise.
-- Kevin Mitchell, "How Leeds lost it", The Observer, March 10, 2002
On and on the weary litany of purblind negativity proceeds.
-- Eric Evans, "The Theory Man.", History Today, June 1997
Purblind derives from Middle English pur blind, wholly blind, from pur, pure + blind. In time it came to mean something less than wholly blind.
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