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Monday, October 22, 2007


\FLUHM-uh-ree\ , noun;
A name given to various sweet dishes made with milk, eggs, flour, etc.
Empty compliment; unsubstantial talk or writing; mumbo jumbo; nonsense.
He had become disturbed by the number of listeners phoning in with such flummery as tales of self-styled clairvoyants' uncannily correct forecasts.
-- Suzanne Seixas, "One Man's Finances", Money, September 1, 1986
One reason there is so much flummery in the global warming debate is that the weather in the Northeast United States, where the opinion-makers live, has a disproportionate effect on whether greenhouse concerns are taken seriously.
-- Gregg Easterbrook, "Warming Up", New Republic, November 8, 1999
It is Dr. August's claim that he receives inspiration from spirits, that through his music the departed can speak to those they left behind. Although this is sometimes unabashed flummery, there are moments when Fitz seems to make a real connection with those who have crossed over.
-- Paul Quarrington, "Psychic Hotline", New York Times, September 3, 2000
Flummery comes from Welsh llymru, a soft, sour oatmeal food.
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