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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


\loo-BRISH-us\ , adjective;
Lustful; lewd.
Stimulating or appealing to sexual desire or imagination.
Having a slippery or smooth quality.
The heroine, through some form of ESP, can hear, and be offended by, the lubricious speculations going on inside the heads of the men she meets.
-- Philip French, "More about What Women Want", The Observer, February 4, 2001
And even if the public ate up every lubricious detail about their leaders, that same public grew offended that the news media would actually pander to their baser impulses.
-- Jeff Greenfield, "Film at 11", New York Times, November 7, 1999
. . .urged women to give up their vanities, their cosmetics, and their high-heeled shoes, and to pile them on . . .bonfires next to lubricious works of art.
-- Anthony Grafton, "The Varieties of Millennial Experience", The New Republic, November 1999
Here was a place where a kind of benign . . . anarchy seemed to rule, a lubricious, frictionless chaos into which one could simply disappear.
-- Eugene Robinson, "On the Beach at Ipanema", Washington Post, August 1, 1999
Lubricious derives from Latin lubricus, "slippery, smooth."
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