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Thursday, February 21, 2008


\REL-uh-gayt\ , transitive verb;
To assign to an inferior position, place, or condition.
To assign to an appropriate category or class.
To assign or refer (a matter or task, for example) to another for appropriate action.
To send into exile; to banish.
Employment discrimination locked them out of better paying jobs and relegated them to menial occupations.
-- Dennis C. Dickerson, Militant Mediator: Whitney M. Young Jr.
Worse, the party that had come to mean power itself had been relegated to a minority in the Congress as well, and lost a key governorship.
-- Geoffrey Mohan, "Mexico Power Shift", Newsday, July 4, 2000
The EPA, meanwhile, has been developing new rules that essentially would relegate agricultural runoff to the same category as pollution from concentrated sources such as factories and sewage plants.
-- John Lancaster, "For Big Hog Farms, Big Subsidies", Washington Post, August 17, 2001
Their daily care was relegated to Donato, the dozen servants, and a succession of governesses.
-- Tag Gallagher, The Adventures of Roberto Rossellini
The history of ideas can't be done without actually applying ideas; and unless we agree to relegate the writing of our history to Martians, we have to admit that a history of points of view -- which may well be religions -- can't be done without favoring at least one point of view.
-- William R. Everdell, "Joyful Noises", New York Times, December 26, 1999
When, in the minority of Carlos II., the regent mother, Maria Anna of Austria, made her German Jesuit confessor Nithard inquisitor-general, it required a popular uprising to get rid of him and relegate him to Rome, for he was speedily becoming the real ruler of Spain.
-- Henry Charles Lea, "The Decadence of Spain", Atlantic Monthly, July 1898
Relegate is from the past participle of Latin relegare, "to send away, to remove, to put aside, to reject," from re- + legare, "to send with a commission or charge."
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