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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


\VOL-yuh-buhl\ , adjective;
Characterized by a ready flow of speech.
Easily rolling or turning; rotating.
(Botany) Having the power or habit of turning or twining.
Rostow was voluble, exuberant and full of good and sometimes foolish ideas.
-- Kai Bird, The Color of Truth
Two glasses of wine made him voluble and three made him bellicose, sentimental and sometimes slurred.
-- "How Nixon turned into Tricky Dicky", Daily Telegraph, March 9, 1999
He listened patiently and with quiet amusement to my enthusiasm. Indeed, this turned out to be our pattern: I, more ignorant but more voluble, would babble on, while he would offer an occasional objection or refinement.
-- Phillip Lopate, Totally, Tenderly, Tragically
Her tongue, so voluble and kind,
It always runs before her mind.
-- Matthew Prior, "Truth and Falsehood",
Voluble derives from Latin volubilis, "revolving, rolling, fluent," from volvere, "to roll."
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