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Monday, May 26, 2008


\VEE-uh-muhnt\ , adjective;
Characterized by intensity of emotions or convictions, or forcefulness of expression.
Characterized by or acting with great force or energy; strong.
Vehement cries of "No! no! never!"
-- "Mass Meeting of Merchants and Bankers", New York Times, November 5, 1864
From their earliest days, much of the state police's energy went to enforcing game laws, for landowner complaints about poachers were particularly vehement.
-- Louis S. Warren, The Hunter's Game
The struggle was long and vehement; but his sense of duty would not be stifled or enfeebled, and finally triumphed over every impediment.
-- Charles Brockden Brown, Three Gothic Novels
Vehement is from Latin vehemens, "violent, vehement, furious," perhaps from vehere, "to carry." The quality or state of being vehement is vehemence.
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