Word of the Day Archive
August 2008

  1. panoply: a splendid or impressive array.
  2. sapient: wise; sage; discerning.
  3. brummagem: cheap and showy; also, spurious.
  4. obeisance: an expression of deference.
  5. vituperate: to overwhelm with wordy abuse.
  6. spoony: foolishly or sentimentally in love.
  7. asperity: roughness of surface, sound, or manner.
  8. vexillology: the study of flags.
  9. tittle-tattle: idle, trifling talk.
  10. exalt: to praise, glorify, or honor.
  11. provenance: origin; source.
  12. enervate: to weaken.
  13. chichi: affectedly trendy.
  14. lackadaisical: lacking spirit or liveliness.
  15. blackguard: a scoundrel.
  16. supernumerary: exceeding a necessary or usual number.
  17. philter: a potion, charm, or drug supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love.
  18. knell: the stoke of a bell tolled at a funeral.
  19. aestival: of or belonging to the summer.
  20. bruit: To report; to noise abroad.
  21. juju: an object superstitiously believed to embody magical powers.
  22. Hobson's choice: a choice without an alternative.
  23. foment: to nurse to life or activity; to incite.
  24. comity: a state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect.
  25. berate: to scold severely or angrily.
  26. peregrination: a traveling from place to place.
  27. naif: a naive or inexperienced person.
  28. chthonic: dwelling in or under the earth; also, pertaining to the underworld.
  29. redress: to set right.
  30. fop: a man who is vain about his dress and appearance.
  31. gubernatorial: of or pertaining to a governor.


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