Word of the Day Archive
November 2008

  1. abate: become less in amount
  2. addle: mix up or confuse
  3. aquiline: curved like eagle's beak
  4. epicure: devotee to food, drink
  5. footless: lacking substance
  6. mot juste: the exact, appropriate word.
  7. olfactory: pertaining to smell
  8. resplendent: having brilliant color, beauty
  9. horripilation: a bristling of the hair on the skin from cold, fear, etc.
  10. intimation: indirect suggestion
  11. sidereal: pertaining to stars, constellations
  12. soiree: nighttime party
  13. obsequies: funeral rites
  14. ensconced: fixed firmly
  15. frowzy: habitually unkempt
  16. adduce: produce evidence for
  17. adulterate: to make impure
  18. affectation: exaggerated display; pretense
  19. eminence grise: powerful person
  20. amatory: expressing love
  21. Lucullan: profusely extravagant
  22. nabob: wealthy person
  23. escutcheon: a shield or decorative covering
  24. guerdon: reward or payment
  25. reprobate: someone without scruples
  26. emollient: cream or something which softens
  27. cadence: recurrent rhythm
  28. eminent: above others in quality, position
  29. balustrade: staircase railing
  30. incursion: entering another's domain


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