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Saturday, November 08, 2008


\rih-SPLEN-duhnt\ , adjective;
very bright or shining; splendid
A green and gold locomotive, resplendent with nickel-plated cylinder heads and carrying a brass plate reading "The Flying Yankee" at her front, will, some time this week, add to the distinctiveness of the Boston & Maine Railroad's crack, non-stop express as it races through Massachusetts.
-- 'Flying Yankee,' Resplendent in Green and Gold Colors, Ready for Business, Christian Science Monitor, June 29, 1926
All around the Pope glittered the gorgeous papal court, resplendent in a variety of colors.
-- Arnaldo Cortesi, 300,000 Hail Pope at Easter Service, New York Times, April 16, 1929
Queen Elizabeth II, amid the resplendent banners and bejeweled miters of ecclesiastical pageantry, came to Westminster Abbey today on its 900th anniversary and laid a bouquet of red roses at the shrine of its founder, Edward the Confessor.
-- Clyde H. Farnsworth, Queen Honors Westminster Abbey, 900 Years Old, New York Times, December 28, 1961
by 1448, from Latin resplendentem "brilliant, radiant," prp. of resplendere "to glitter, shine," from re-, intensive prefix, + splendere "to shine, be splendid"
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