Word of the Day Archive
December 2008

  1. valediction: a farewell speech
  2. bulwark: a protective structure
  3. caitiff: a cowardly and mean person
  4. curio: something unusual that is collected
  5. dissever: to separate into parts
  6. sentinel: a person who watches out
  7. sequacious: having a sequence; following
  8. sepulcher: a grave chamber
  9. elocution: an expert manner of speaking
  10. homologous: corresponding in characteristics
  11. ablaut: vowel change
  12. beatific: giving joy
  13. cached: hidden, stored
  14. dastard: malicious coward
  15. ecclesiastical: churchly
  16. fabricate: make up
  17. gaffe: tactless act
  18. hackneyed: repeated too often
  19. iambic: having two syllables
  20. jaded: exhausted
  21. kibbutz: collective farm
  22. laggard: wasting time
  23. macrobiotic: promoting longevity
  24. narcissism: self-love
  25. oblique: diagonally arranged
  26. paltry: contemptibly small
  27. qualify: prove capable or fit
  28. ramble: move aimlessly
  29. sacrilege: blasphemous behavior
  30. tacit: necessarily indicated
  31. ultimate: furthest or highest


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