Word of the Day Archive
February 2009

  1. victuals: supply of food
  2. chaff: seed coverings; detritus
  3. defalcate: take fraudulently
  4. virtuoso: exceptional performer
  5. unwitting: lacking knowledge
  6. erstwhile: former; formerly
  7. denigrate: belittle, attack maliciously
  8. highhanded: with haughty disregard
  9. toady: someone who is servile
  10. osteopath: therapist who manipulates body structure
  11. tome: large scholarly book
  12. froward: willfully contrary
  13. expurgate: to remove offensive parts
  14. myopia: nearsightedness
  15. pinchbeck: something that is counterfeit
  16. interminable: seeming to have no end
  17. burnish: to polish and make shiny
  18. consternation: a sudden dread
  19. tautological: needlessly repetitious
  20. ellipsis: omission of word(s)
  21. hermetic: airtight; protected
  22. nocuous: harmful
  23. beseech: ask for earnestly
  24. peculate: appropriate fraudulently
  25. openhanded: giving freely
  26. declaim: speak against
  27. hidebound: stubbornly conservative
  28. pedant: person holding books in esteem


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