Word of the Day Archive
July 2009

  1. penury: extreme poverty; also, insufficiency.
  2. vagary: an extravagant, erratic, or unpredictable notion, action, or occurrence.
  3. doughty: valiant; brave.
  4. rampart: fortification.
  5. affray: a tumultuous assault or quarrel; a brawl.
  6. verdant: green.
  7. shibboleth: a word, pronunciation, saying, belief, practice, etc., that distinguishes one group from another.
  8. apogee: the highest point.
  9. fervid: marked by great passion or zeal.
  10. bravura: a showy display.
  11. gauche: lacking social polish; tactless.
  12. ineffable: incapable of being expressed.
  13. sartorial: of or relating to a tailor, tailoring, or clothing.
  14. louche: of questionable taste or morality.
  15. bestow: to give or confer.
  16. dulcet: melodious.
  17. leitmotif: a dominant and recurring theme.
  18. adumbrate: to foreshadow; prefigure.
  19. imbue: to dye; to instill profoundly.
  20. pastiche: a hodgepodge; a potpourri.
  21. sedulous: diligent in application or pursuit.
  22. glabrous: without hairs or projections; smooth.
  23. protean: readily assuming different shapes or forms.
  24. skulk: to hide in a sneaking manner.
  25. peripatetic: walking about or traveling from place to place.
  26. ineluctable: impossible to avoid or evade.
  27. caveat: a warning or caution.
  28. sapid: having flavor, especially a strong pleasant flavor.
  29. apocryphal: of doubtful authorship or authenticity.
  30. aplomb: confidence; coolness.
  31. sui generis: unique.


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