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Thursday, July 02, 2009


\VAY-guh-ree; vuh-GER-ee\ , noun;
An extravagant, erratic, or unpredictable notion, action, or occurrence.
Her words are a dreadful reminder that much of life's consequences are resultant of vagary and caprice, dictated by the tragedy of the ill-considered action, the irrevocable misstep, the irrevocable moment in which a terrible wrong can seem the only right.
-- Rosemary Mahoney, "Acts of Mercy?", New York Times, September 13, 1998
Weather is one of the vagaries of blue-water racing, ruling the sport like a malicious jester.
-- Martin Dugard, Knockdown
This thing called love was a total mystery to me, but the vagaries of passion and despair that accompanied each devotion kept my life in high drama.
-- Jane Alexander, Command Performance
Vagary comes from Latin vagari, "to stroll about, to wander," from vagus, "wandering."
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