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August 2009

  1. arcane: understood or known by only a few.
  2. lineament: a distinguishing or characteristic feature.
  3. desultory: jumping from subject to subject; erratic; inconsistent.
  4. equipoise: equilibrium; also, counterbalance.
  5. brio: vigor; vivacity.
  6. hebetude: mental dullness or sluggishness.
  7. insouciant: marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalant.
  8. travail: painful, arduous work; also, agony, anguish.
  9. métier: an occupation, especially in which one excels.
  10. peradventure: chance, uncertainty, or doubt.
  11. cynosure: a center of attention.
  12. luminary: any body that gives light; also, a person of eminence or brilliant achievement.
  13. furtive: obtained or characterized by stealth; sly; secret; stealthy.
  14. celerity: quickness; swiftness.
  15. dalliance: a trifling away of time; dawdling; also, flirtation.
  16. bowdlerize: to remove or modify the parts considered offensive.
  17. undulation: a wavy form or outline; also, a wavelike motion.
  18. propitious: presenting favorable circumstances.
  19. furbelow: something showy or superfluous.
  20. perorate: to conclude or sum up a long discourse; also, to speak at length.
  21. stultify: to make, or cause to appear, foolish or ridiculous; also, to allege to be of unsound mind.
  22. vet: to subject to thorough appraisal; to evaluate.
  23. reticent: inclined to keep silent.
  24. flout: to treat with contempt and disregard.
  25. truckle: to act in a subservient manner.
  26. rictus: a gaping grin or grimace.
  27. saturnine: sluggish in temperament; gloomy; taciturn.
  28. delectation: great pleasure; delight.
  29. chary: wary; cautious.
  30. interlocutor: a person who takes part in a conversation or dialogue.
  31. diktat: an authoritative decree or order.


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