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Friday, October 09, 2009


\kuhn-VIV-ee-uhl\ , adjective;
Fond of feasting, drinking, and good company; sociable.
Merry; festive.
For the next hour they talked proper nouns. The hillbilly station continued full blast. Rachel opened a quart of beer for herself and things soon grew convivial.
-- Thomas Pynchon, V.
He hated to drink to excess, disliked convivial entertaining and had no gift for bonhomie.
-- Stella Tillyard, Citizen Lord
Young Sam, steeped in the family's endless storytelling, confessions, musings about their aspirations, and bickering about politics, seemed destined to become happy and convivial.
-- Andrew Hoffman, Inventing Mark Twain
Convivial comes from Latin convivium, "a feast, entertainment, a banquet," from conviva, "a table-companion, a guest," from convivere, "to live with, hence to feast with," from com-, con-, with + vivere, "to live."
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