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Saturday, November 21, 2009


\juhr-MAYN\ , adjective;
Appropriate or fitting; relevant.
The issue is not germane to the present discussion.
-- Richard Wollheim, On the Emotions
As long as the argument remains germane, he listens attentively, putting on and removing heavy tortoise-shell glasses and leaning across the bench.
-- Philip Hamburger, Matters of State
In times of catastrophe we allow public officials to declare "states of emergency" that replace some normal rules . . . with a more germane set.
-- Seth Shulman, "Owning the Future: In Africa, Patents Kill", Technology Review, April 2001
I have many secrets, most of which are not at all germane to the topic . . . and would probably be completely inappropriate to tell.
-- David Gewirtz, "I Have a Secret", PalmPower Magazine, August 2000
Germane comes from Middle English germain, literally, "having the same parents," ultimately deriving from Latin germanus, from germen, "a bud, a shoot."
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