Word of the Day Archive
August 2010

  1. prognosticate: to forecast or predict.
  2. spatchcock: to insert or interweave, esp. in a forced or incongruous manner.
  3. tarry: to remain or stay, as in a place; sojourn.
  4. minim: the least quantity of anything.
  5. cheechako: a tenderfoot; greenhorn; newcomer.
  6. yeuk: an itching sensation.
  7. mojo: personal magnetism; charm.
  8. fantod: a state of extreme nervousness or restlessness.
  9. gerent: a ruler or manager.
  10. absquatulate: to flee; abscond.
  11. koan: A nonsensical or paradoxical question to a student for which an answer is demanded, the stress of meditation on the question often being illuminating.
  12. rhapsodize: to talk with extravagant enthusiasm.
  13. attar: perfume or essential oil obtained from flowers or petals.
  14. premorse: pertaining to the end of something irregularly shortened, as if bitten or broken off.
  15. balneal: pertaining to baths or bathing.
  16. incunabulum: the earliest stages or first traces of anything.
  17. tare: the weight of the wrapping or container that holds an object.
  18. piquant: agreeably stimulating, interesting, or attractive.
  19. ruction: a disturbance, quarrel, or row.
  20. vellicate: to touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements.
  21. foudroyant: sudden and overwhelming in effect.
  22. gormandize: to eat greedily or ravenously.
  23. distrain: to seize the property of (a person) in order to compel payment of debts.
  24. lupine: savage; ravenous; predatory.
  25. galore: in abundance; in plentiful amounts.
  26. orthoepy: the study of correct pronunciation.
  27. schlep: to move slowly, awkwardly, or tediously.
  28. couchant: lying down; crouching; reclining.
  29. kith: acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like.
  30. shenanigan: mischief; prankishness.
  31. beek: to bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fire.


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