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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


\an-uh-kuh-LOO-thee-uh\ , noun;
Lack of grammatical sequence or coherence, esp. in a sentence.
At one time or another, we have all suffered through those unappealable debates in which a lady, with copious interjections and anacoluthia, swears that the word "luna" is more (or less) expressive than the word "moon."
-- Jorge Luis Borges, Emir Rodríguez Monegal, Alastair Reid, Borges, a reader: a selection from the writings of Jorge Luis Borges
Anacoluthia, parataxis - there is no grammar or logic by which the room in which I sit can be precisely re-created in words. If, in fact, I were to try to convey it to a stranger, I'd be inclined to show photos and draw a floor map.
-- Ronald Silliman, The age of huts (compleat)
While anacoluthia generally describes a grammatically garbled sentence, an anacoluthon is a technical term in rhetoric that describes "a construction involving a break in grammatical sequence, as in 'It makes me so-I just get angry.'"
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