Word of the Day Archive
May 2011

  1. incommodious: inconvenient, as not affording sufficient space or room.
  2. dandle: to move (a baby, child, etc.) lightly up and down, as on one's knee or in one's arms.
  3. purlieu: a place where one may range at large; confines or bounds.
  4. bushwhack: to defeat, especially by surprise or in an underhanded way.
  5. epigamic: attracting the opposite sex, as the colors of certain birds.
  6. premonish: to warn beforehand.
  7. callithump: a children's parade, with prizes for the best costumes.
  8. materfamilias: the mother of a family.
  9. splenetic: irritable; peevish; spiteful.
  10. animalcule: a minute animal, nearly or quite invisible to the naked eye.
  11. irenic: promoting peace.
  12. Zeitgeist: the spirit of the time.
  13. autodidact: one who is self-taught.
  14. misnomer: a misnaming.
  15. plangent: beating with a loud or deep sound; also, expressing sadness.
  16. nonplus: to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely.
  17. connubial: of or pertaining to marriage.
  18. iota: a very small quantity or degree.
  19. fungible: interchangeable.
  20. foofaraw: a great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant.
  21. physiognomy: the face or appearance.
  22. slaver: to slobber; to drool.
  23. longueur: a tedious passage in a work of literature or performance art.
  24. prink: to primp.
  25. sojourn: to dwell for a time; also, a temporary stay.
  26. clinquant: glittering; tinsel-like; also, tinsel.
  27. dudgeon: a state or fit of intense indignation.
  28. vertiginous: causing dizziness; also, giddy; dizzy.
  29. toothsome: pleasing to the taste; palatable.
  30. avoirdupois: weight; heaviness.
  31. leitmotif: a dominant and recurring theme.


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