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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


\zen-uh-JEN-ik\ , adjective;
To be completely different from either parent, or from the source of an object's creation.
In biology, originating outside the organism or from a foreign substance introduced into the organism.
Dr. Forssmann also believes that it was wrong to put a pig's liver in a dying woman in Buenos Aires - presumably on the ground that hetero- grafts or xenogenic (i.e., interspecific) transplants are "unnatural."
-- Stephen E. Lammers, Allen Verhey, On moral medicine: theological perspectives in medical ethics
I can picture it because he is still the furnace, the heat source in any room: booming, proud, imperious, xenogenic.
-- Clark Blaise, Bharati Mukherjee, Days and nights in Calcutta
Xenogenic combines the Greek roots xeno-, "strange, or other," and -genic, "produced or caused by."
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