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Saturday, August 20, 2011


\KON-gloh-beyt\ , verb;
To form into a ball.
He knew not where to begin; his ideas rolled round upon each other like the radii of a wheel; the words he desired to utter, instead of issuing, as it were, in a right line from his lips, seemed to conglobate themselves into a sphere.
-- Thomas Love Peacock, Maid Marian
Heav'n's gifts, which do, like falling stars, appear Scatter'd in others; all, as in their sphere, Were fix'd and conglobate in 's soul' and thence Shone thro' his body, with sweet influence
-- John Dryden, Upon the Death of Lord Hastings
Conglobate originates with the Latin conglobare, made from the roots con-, "together," and glob, "round," and -ate, "possessing the nature of."
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