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November 2011

  1. aioli: a sauce made of oil and eggs, usually flavored with garlic, from the Provence region of France.
  2. metempirical: beyond or outside the field of experience.
  3. obscurantism: opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge.
  4. prehensible: able to be seized or grasped.
  5. quean: an overly forward, impudent woman; shrew; hussy.
  6. junket: a trip, usually by an official or legislative committee, paid out of public funds and ostensibly to obtain information.
  7. canny: careful; cautious; prudent.
  8. plebiscite: a direct vote of the qualified voters of a state in regard to some important public question.
  9. kef: a state of drowsy contentment
  10. pansophy: universal wisdom or knowledge.
  11. zeal: fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.
  12. rankle: to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment in.
  13. lyard: streaked or spotted with gray or white.
  14. fascicle: a section of a book or set of books published in installments as separate pamphlets or volumes.
  15. apocrypha: various religious writings of uncertain origin regarded by some as inspired, but rejected by most authorities.
  16. opuscule: a small or minor work.
  17. bibliophage: an ardent reader; a bookworm.
  18. omnibus: a volume of reprinted works of a single author or of works related in interest or theme.
  19. knavery: unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest dealing; trickery.
  20. mitigate: to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain; moderate.
  21. salvo: something to save a person's reputation or soothe a person's feelings.
  22. poltroon: a wretched coward; craven.
  23. crepitate: to make a crackling sound; crackle.
  24. appetence: intense desire; strong natural craving; appetite.
  25. dipsomania: an irresistible, typically periodic craving for alcoholic drink.
  26. procrustean: tending to produce conformity by violent or arbitrary means.
  27. stertor: a heavy snoring sound.
  28. panegyrize: to eulogize; to deliver or write a panegyric about.
  29. serry: to crowd closely together.
  30. churlish: boorish or rude.


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