Word of the Day Archive
May 2012

  1. ort: a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal.
  2. kowtow: to act in an obsequious manner; show servile deference.
  3. numen: divine power, especially one who inhabits a particular object.
  4. fulcrum: the support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns.
  5. besot: to infatuate; obsess.
  6. mensch: a decent, upright, mature, and responsible person.
  7. sudorific: causing sweat.
  8. pother: a heated discussion, debate, or argument; fuss; to-do.
  9. cicatrix: new tissue that forms over a wound.
  10. obtest: to supplicate earnestly; beseech.
  11. sibilant: hissing.
  12. prorogue: to defer; postpone.
  13. matrilineal: inheriting or determining descent through the female line.
  14. intromit: to introduce; to send, put, or let in.
  15. altiloquent: high flown or pretentious (of language).
  16. spruik: to make or give a speech, especially extensively; spiel.
  17. omphalos: the central point.
  18. pip: to peep or chirp.
  19. phatic: denoting speech used to create an atmosphere of goodwill.
  20. gambit: a remark made to open or redirect a conversation.
  21. belabor: to explain, worry about, or work more than is necessary.
  22. cumulus: a heap; pile.
  23. chrestomathy: a collection of selected literary passages.
  24. demiurge: the creator of a world.
  25. ingeminate: to repeat; reiterate.
  26. betide: to happen to; come to; befall.
  27. ventose: given to empty talk; windy.
  28. asperse: to sprinkle; bespatter.
  29. varlet: a knavish person; rascal.
  30. skirr: to go rapidly; fly; scurry.
  31. haimish: homey; cozy and unpretentious.


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