Word of the Day Archive

  1. exordium: the beginning of anything. (Tuesday January 01)
  2. advert: to remark or comment; refer. (Wednesday January 02)
  3. violescent: tending to a violet color. (Thursday January 03)
  4. couthie: agreeable; genial; kindly. (Friday January 04)
  5. aumildar: a manager or agent. (Saturday January 05)
  6. birl: to spin or cause to rotate. (Sunday January 06)
  7. pseudonymous: bearing a false or fictitious name. (Monday January 07)
  8. pseudology: lying considered as an art. (Tuesday January 08)
  9. pseudomorph: an irregular or unclassifiable form. (Wednesday January 09)
  10. pseudoclassic: falsely or spuriously classic. (Thursday January 10)
  11. pseudepigraphy: the false ascription of a piece of writing to an author. (Friday January 11)
  12. filch: to steal (especially something of small value); pilfer. (Saturday January 12)
  13. eurhythmic: characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned. (Sunday January 13)
  14. also-ran: a person who loses a contest, election, or other competition. (Monday January 14)
  15. vertex: the highest point of something; apex; summit; top. (Tuesday January 15)
  16. preconcert: to arrange in advance or beforehand, as by a previous agreement. (Wednesday January 16)
  17. hypnopompic: pertaining to the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness. (Thursday January 17)
  18. Camelot: any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness. (Friday January 18)
  19. shindy: a row; rumpus. (Saturday January 19)
  20. jubilarian: a person who celebrates or has celebrated a jubilee. (Sunday January 20)
  21. allocution: a formal speech, especially one of an incontrovertible or hortatory nature. (Monday January 21)
  22. gorgonize: to hypnotize; petrify. (Tuesday January 22)
  23. en règle: in order; according to the rules; correct. (Wednesday January 23)
  24. kibitzer: a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice. (Thursday January 24)
  25. brabble: to argue stubbornly about trifles; wrangle. (Friday January 25)
  26. antipathetic: opposed, averse, or contrary. (Saturday January 26)
  27. intemerate: inviolate; undefiled; unsullied; pure. (Sunday January 27)
  28. word-hoard: a person's vocabulary. (Monday January 28)
  29. plotz: to collapse or faint, as from surprise, excitement, or exhaustion. (Tuesday January 29)
  30. wellaway: used to express sorrow. (Wednesday January 30)
  31. jackanapes: an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man. (Thursday January 31)
  32. atavistic: reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type. (Friday February 01)
  33. boustrophedon: an ancient method of writing in which the lines run alternately from right to left and from left to right. (Saturday February 02)
  34. counterfactual: a conditional statement the first clause of which expresses something contrary to fact, as “If I had known.” (Sunday February 03)
  35. dyslogistic: conveying disapproval or censure; not complimentary or eulogistic. (Monday February 04)
  36. epexegesis: the addition of a word or words to explain a preceding word or sentence. (Tuesday February 05)
  37. feuilleton: a part of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, fiction, criticism, etc. (Wednesday February 06)
  38. gastronomy: the art or science of good eating. (Thursday February 07)
  39. hent: to seize. (Friday February 08)
  40. irrefrangible: not to be broken or violated; inviolable. (Saturday February 09)
  41. Jacobin: an extreme radical, especially in politics. (Sunday February 10)
  42. kinchin: a child. (Monday February 11)
  43. lollapalooza: an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance. (Tuesday February 12)
  44. mainour: a stolen article found on the person of or near the thief. (Wednesday February 13)
  45. nuque: the back of the neck. (Thursday February 14)
  46. obnubilate: to cloud over; becloud; obscure. (Friday February 15)
  47. paraph: a flourish made after a signature, as in a document, originally as a precaution against forgery. (Saturday February 16)
  48. quittance: recompense or requital. (Sunday February 17)
  49. recant: to withdraw or disavow a statement, opinion, etc., especially formally. (Monday February 18)
  50. satrap: a subordinate ruler, often a despotic one. (Tuesday February 19)
  51. tensile: capable of being stretched or drawn out; ductile. (Wednesday February 20)
  52. umber: shade; shadow. (Thursday February 21)
  53. varia: miscellaneous items, especially a miscellany of literary works. (Friday February 22)
  54. whipsaw: to subject to two opposing forces at the same time. (Saturday February 23)
  55. xeric: adapted to a dry environment. (Sunday February 24)
  56. yare: quick; agile; lively. (Monday February 25)
  57. zakuska: an hors d'oeuvre. (Tuesday February 26)
  58. zephyrean: full of or containing light breezes. (Wednesday February 27)
  59. ziggurat: a temple of Sumerian origin in the form of a pyramidal tower. (Thursday February 28)
  60. leeward: moving toward the quarter toward which the wind blows (opposed to windward). (Friday March 01)
  61. mazuma: money. (Saturday March 02)
  62. panoptic: permitting the viewing of all parts or elements. (Sunday March 03)
  63. bibelot: a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity. (Monday March 04)
  64. indite: to compose or write, as a poem. (Tuesday March 05)
  65. rialto: an exchange or mart. (Wednesday March 06)
  66. tertiary: of the third order, rank, stage, formation, etc.; third. (Thursday March 07)
  67. scupper: to prevent from happening or succeeding; ruin; wreck. (Friday March 08)
  68. linchpin: something that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together. (Saturday March 09)
  69. haberdashery: a retail shop dealing in men's furnishings, as shirts, ties, gloves, socks, and hats. (Sunday March 10)
  70. shilly-shally: to show indecision or hesitation; be irresolute; vacillate. (Monday March 11)
  71. bevel: the inclination that one line or surface makes with another when not at right angles. (Tuesday March 12)
  72. truant: a person who shirks or neglects his or her duty. (Wednesday March 13)
  73. madcap: wildly or heedlessly impulsive; reckless; rash. (Thursday March 14)
  74. furl: to gather into a compact roll and bind securely. (Friday March 15)
  75. prolepsis: the anticipation of possible objections in order to answer them in advance. (Saturday March 16)
  76. sundry: various or diverse. (Sunday March 17)
  77. qualm: an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; compunction. (Monday March 18)
  78. hypothecate: to pledge to a creditor as security without delivering over; mortgage. (Tuesday March 19)
  79. primaveral: pertaining to the early springtime. (Wednesday March 20)
  80. insouciance: lack of care or concern; indifference. (Thursday March 21)
  81. serpentine: having a winding course, as a road; sinuous. (Friday March 22)
  82. preterition: the act of passing by or over; omission; disregard. (Saturday March 23)
  83. daven: to pray. (Sunday March 24)
  84. marmoreal: of or like marble. (Monday March 25)
  85. wrest: to take away by force. (Tuesday March 26)
  86. tranche: any part, division, or installment. (Wednesday March 27)
  87. pharaonic: impressively or overwhelmingly large, luxurious, etc. (Thursday March 28)
  88. swivet: a state of nervous excitement, haste, or anxiety; flutter. (Friday March 29)
  89. gaumless: lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy. (Saturday March 30)
  90. impawn: to put in pawn; pledge. (Sunday March 31)
  91. ha-ha: sunk fence. (Monday April 01)
  92. splenetic: irritable; peevish; spiteful. (Tuesday April 02)
  93. aperture: an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc. (Wednesday April 03)
  94. ingratiate: to establish (oneself) in the favor or good graces of others. (Thursday April 04)
  95. codicil: any supplement; appendix. (Friday April 05)
  96. idiolect: a person's individual speech pattern. (Saturday April 06)
  97. demimonde: a group characterized by lack of success or status. (Sunday April 07)
  98. plethoric: overfull; turgid; inflated. (Monday April 08)
  99. machinate: to contrive or plot, especially artfully or with evil purpose. (Tuesday April 09)
  100. ingress: the act of going in or entering. (Wednesday April 10)
  101. lilt: rhythmic swing or cadence. (Thursday April 11)
  102. percipient: having perception; discerning; discriminating. (Friday April 12)
  103. imprest: an advance of money; loan. (Saturday April 13)
  104. chuffed: annoyed; displeased; disgruntled. (Sunday April 14)
  105. quell: to suppress; put an end to; extinguish. (Monday April 15)
  106. verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability. (Tuesday April 16)
  107. bandbox: an area or structure that is smaller in dimensions or size than the standard. (Wednesday April 17)
  108. decamp: to depart quickly, secretly, or unceremoniously. (Thursday April 18)
  109. cornice: a mass of snow, ice, etc., projecting over a mountain ridge. (Friday April 19)
  110. soigné: carefully or elegantly done, operated, or designed. (Saturday April 20)
  111. quoin: one of the stones forming an external wall; cornerstone. (Sunday April 21)
  112. crawfish: to back out or retreat from a position or undertaking. (Monday April 22)
  113. gander: a look. (Tuesday April 23)
  114. porpoise: to move forward with a rising and falling motion. (Wednesday April 24)
  115. flounder: to struggle clumsily or helplessly. (Thursday April 25)
  116. gopher: to mine unsystematically. (Friday April 26)
  117. aleatory: pertaining to accidental causes; of luck or chance; unpredictable. (Saturday April 27)
  118. stark: extremely simple or severe. (Sunday April 28)
  119. hellion: a disorderly, troublesome, rowdy, or mischievous person. (Monday April 29)
  120. cull: to choose; select; pick. (Tuesday April 30)
  121. polliwog: a tadpole. (Wednesday May 01)
  122. saccharine: exaggeratedly sweet or sentimental. (Thursday May 02)
  123. ratiocination: the process of logical reasoning. (Friday May 03)
  124. droll: amusing in an odd way; whimsically humorous; waggish. (Saturday May 04)
  125. quibble: to equivocate. (Sunday May 05)
  126. spang: directly, exactly. (Monday May 06)
  127. logomachy: a dispute about or concerning words. (Tuesday May 07)
  128. dais: a raised platform. (Wednesday May 08)
  129. whangdoodle: a fanciful creature of undefined nature. (Thursday May 09)
  130. aeolian: of or caused by the wind; wind-blown. (Friday May 10)
  131. snafu: a badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation. (Saturday May 11)
  132. feminacy: feminine nature. (Sunday May 12)
  133. melliferous: yielding or producing honey. (Monday May 13)
  134. quacksalver: a charlatan. (Tuesday May 14)
  135. circadian: noting or pertaining to rhythmic biological cycles recurring at approximately 24-hour intervals. (Wednesday May 15)
  136. allochthonous: not formed in the region where found. (Thursday May 16)
  137. motza: a large amount of money, especially a sum won in gambling. (Friday May 17)
  138. consortium: any association, partnership, or union. (Saturday May 18)
  139. darg: a day's work. (Sunday May 19)
  140. coalesce: to blend or come together. (Monday May 20)
  141. pasquinade: a satire or lampoon, especially one posted in a public place. (Tuesday May 21)
  142. theurgy: the working of a divine or supernatural agency in human affairs. (Wednesday May 22)
  143. genethliac: of or pertaining to birthdays or to the position of the stars at one's birth. (Thursday May 23)
  144. skeuomorph: a design on an object copied from a form of the object when made from another material or by other techniques. (Friday May 24)
  145. blather: to talk or utter foolishly; blither; babble. (Saturday May 25)
  146. topos: a convention or motif, especially in a literary work. (Sunday May 26)
  147. mordacious: sharp or caustic in style, tone, etc. (Monday May 27)
  148. isolato: a person who is spiritually isolated from or out of sympathy with his or her times or society. (Tuesday May 28)
  149. battology: wearisome repetition of words in speaking or writing. (Wednesday May 29)
  150. wuther: to blow fiercely. (Thursday May 30)
  151. de profundis: out of the depths (of sorrow, despair, etc.). (Friday May 31)
  152. ken: knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception. (Saturday June 01)
  153. lunker: something unusually large for its kind. (Sunday June 02)
  154. automaton: a mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own power. (Monday June 03)
  155. zither: a musical instrument, consisting of a flat sounding box with numerous strings stretched over it. (Tuesday June 04)
  156. hadal: pertaining to the greatest ocean depths. (Wednesday June 05)
  157. trachle: an exhausting effort, especially walking or working. (Thursday June 06)
  158. abdicate: to give up or renounce (authority, duties, an office, etc.). (Friday June 07)
  159. trousseau: an outfit of clothing, household linen, etc., for a bride. (Saturday June 08)
  160. wonk: a stupid, boring, or unattractive person. (Sunday June 09)
  161. codger: an eccentric man, especially one who is old. (Monday June 10)
  162. spelunk: to explore caves, especially as a hobby. (Tuesday June 11)
  163. sward: the grassy surface of land; turf. (Wednesday June 12)
  164. xanthic: of or pertaining to a yellow or yellowish color. (Thursday June 13)
  165. diglossia: the widespread existence within a society of sharply divergent formal and informal varieties of a language. (Friday June 14)
  166. palinode: a poem in which the poet retracts something said in an earlier poem. (Saturday June 15)
  167. mishpocha: a family network comprising relatives by blood and marriage and sometimes including close friends. (Sunday June 16)
  168. phosphoresce: to be luminous without sensible heat, as phosphorus. (Monday June 17)
  169. falcate: curved like a scythe or sickle; hooked; falciform. (Tuesday June 18)
  170. balk: to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to do something specified. (Wednesday June 19)
  171. hamlet: a small village. (Thursday June 20)
  172. poniard: a small, slender dagger. (Friday June 21)
  173. fen: low land covered wholly or partially with water. (Saturday June 22)
  174. drawl: to say or speak in a slow manner, usually prolonging the vowels. (Sunday June 23)
  175. asyndeton: the omission of conjunctions. (Monday June 24)
  176. dilly: something or someone regarded as remarkable, unusual, etc. (Tuesday June 25)
  177. snood: a netlike hat or part of a hat or fabric that holds or covers the back of a woman's hair. (Wednesday June 26)
  178. lese majesty: an attack on any custom, institution, belief, etc., held sacred or revered by numbers of people. (Thursday June 27)
  179. mickle: great; large; much. (Friday June 28)
  180. vilify: to speak ill of; defame; slander. (Saturday June 29)
  181. scrum: a place or situation of confusion and racket; hubbub. (Sunday June 30)
  182. muster: to gather, summon, rouse. (Monday July 01)
  183. sprechgesang: a vocal style intermediate between speech and singing but without exact pitch intonation. (Tuesday July 02)
  184. lyceum: an institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc. (Wednesday July 03)
  185. dandy: something or someone of exceptional or first-rate quality. (Thursday July 04)
  186. blighter: British Slang. a chap; bloke. (Friday July 05)
  187. integrant: making up or being a part of a whole; constituent. (Saturday July 06)
  188. yawp: to utter a loud, harsh cry; to yelp, squawk, or bawl. (Sunday July 07)
  189. edacity: voraciousness; appetite. (Monday July 08)
  190. layette: an outfit of clothing, bedding, etc., for a newborn baby. (Tuesday July 09)
  191. boniface: any landlord or innkeeper. (Wednesday July 10)
  192. accrete: to grow together; adhere. (Thursday July 11)
  193. ploce: repetition of a word or phrase to gain special emphasis or indicate an extension of meaning. (Friday July 12)
  194. Sisyphean: endless and unavailing, as labor or a task. (Saturday July 13)
  195. rifacimento: a recast or adaptation, as of a literary or musical work. (Sunday July 14)
  196. fribble: to act in a foolish or frivolous manner; trifle. (Monday July 15)
  197. scabrous: full of difficulties. (Tuesday July 16)
  198. gobbet: a lump or mass. (Wednesday July 17)
  199. poetaster: an inferior poet; a writer of indifferent verse. (Thursday July 18)
  200. rendezvous: to assemble at an agreed time and place. (Friday July 19)
  201. bushwa: rubbishy nonsense; baloney; bull. (Saturday July 20)
  202. clangor: a loud, resonant sound. (Sunday July 21)
  203. quillet: a subtlety or quibble. (Monday July 22)
  204. sidle: to move sideways or obliquely. (Tuesday July 23)
  205. grammatology: the scientific study of systems of writing. (Wednesday July 24)
  206. dispositive: involving or affecting disposition or settlement. (Thursday July 25)
  207. cyclopean: gigantic; vast. (Friday July 26)
  208. additament: something added; an addition. (Saturday July 27)
  209. dreck: worthless trash; junk. (Sunday July 28)
  210. coaptation: a joining or adjustment of parts to one another. (Monday July 29)
  211. esse: being; existence. (Tuesday July 30)
  212. residuum: the residue, remainder, or rest of something. (Wednesday July 31)
  213. bemused: bewildered or confused. (Thursday August 01)
  214. lam: to beat; thrash. (Friday August 02)
  215. spigot: a small peg or plug for stopping the vent of a cask. (Saturday August 03)
  216. rarefied: extremely high or elevated; lofty; exalted. (Sunday August 04)
  217. hyperhidrosis: abnormally excessive sweating. (Monday August 05)
  218. eyetooth: a canine tooth of the upper jaw: so named from its position under the eye. (Tuesday August 06)
  219. holograph: wholly written by the person in whose name it appears. (Wednesday August 07)
  220. waif: a person, especially a child, who has no home or friends. (Thursday August 08)
  221. finagle: to trick, swindle, or cheat (a person) (often followed by out of). (Friday August 09)
  222. helter-skelter: in headlong and disorderly haste. (Saturday August 10)
  223. kloof: (in South Africa) a deep glen; ravine. (Sunday August 11)
  224. matador: the principal bullfighter in a bullfight; a torero. (Monday August 12)
  225. jilt: to reject or cast aside (a lover or sweetheart), especially abruptly or unfeelingly. (Tuesday August 13)
  226. dither: to act irresolutely; vacillate. (Wednesday August 14)
  227. impolitic: not politic, expedient, or judicious. (Thursday August 15)
  228. cummerbund: a wide sash worn at the waist, especially a horizontally pleated one worn with a tuxedo. (Friday August 16)
  229. espousal: adoption or advocacy, as of a cause or principle. (Saturday August 17)
  230. lacerate: to tear roughly; mangle. (Sunday August 18)
  231. od: a hypothetical force formerly held to pervade all nature and to manifest itself in magnetism, mesmerism, chemical action, etc. (Monday August 19)
  232. psaltery: an ancient musical instrument consisting of a flat box with strings which are plucked. (Tuesday August 20)
  233. gibbous: (of a heavenly body) convex at both edges, as the moon when more than half full. (Wednesday August 21)
  234. quincunx: an arrangement of five objects in a square or rectangle, one at each corner and one in the middle. (Thursday August 22)
  235. viceroy: a person appointed to rule a country or province as the deputy of the sovereign. (Friday August 23)
  236. bedraggle: to make limp and soiled, as with rain or dirt. (Saturday August 24)
  237. doggerel: (of verse) comic or burlesque, and usually loose or irregular in measure. (Sunday August 25)
  238. troubadour: one of a class of medieval lyric poets who flourished principally in southern France. (Monday August 26)
  239. meander: to proceed by or take a winding or indirect course. (Tuesday August 27)
  240. pittance: a small amount or share. (Wednesday August 28)
  241. bulbous: bulb-shaped; bulging. (Thursday August 29)
  242. gynarchy: government by women. (Friday August 30)
  243. corsair: a pirate, especially formerly of the Barbary Coast. (Saturday August 31)
  244. auspicate: to initiate with ceremonies calculated to ensure good luck; inaugurate. (Sunday September 01)
  245. pari passu: without partiality; equably; fairly. (Monday September 02)
  246. serotinal: pertaining to or occurring in late summer. (Tuesday September 03)
  247. skedaddle: to run away hurriedly; flee. (Wednesday September 04)
  248. habiliment: clothes or clothing. (Thursday September 05)
  249. gingham: yarn-dyed, plain-weave cotton fabric, usually striped or checked. (Friday September 06)
  250. toile: any of various transparent linens and cottons. (Saturday September 07)
  251. chambray: a fine cloth of cotton, silk, or linen, commonly of plain weave with a colored warp and white weft. (Sunday September 08)
  252. peplum: a short full flounce below the waist, covering the hips. (Monday September 09)
  253. bauble: a showy, usually cheap, ornament; trinket; gewgaw. (Tuesday September 10)
  254. ikat: a method of printing woven fabric by tie-dyeing the yarns before weaving. (Wednesday September 11)
  255. bordereau: a detailed memorandum, especially one in which documents are listed. (Thursday September 12)
  256. anfractuous: characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous. (Friday September 13)
  257. dissilient: bursting apart; bursting open. (Saturday September 14)
  258. joggle: to shake slightly; move to and fro, as by repeated jerks. (Sunday September 15)
  259. orrery: an apparatus for representing the planets, satellites, etc., in the solar system. (Monday September 16)
  260. fleer: to grin or laugh coarsely or mockingly. (Tuesday September 17)
  261. monad: a single unit or entity. (Wednesday September 18)
  262. humdinger: a person, thing, action, or statement of remarkable excellence or effect. (Thursday September 19)
  263. Parnassian: pertaining to poetry. (Friday September 20)
  264. lallygag: to spend time idly; loaf. (Saturday September 21)
  265. sobersided: solemn or grave in disposition, attitude, character, etc.; serious-minded. (Sunday September 22)
  266. pilose: covered with hair, especially soft hair; furry. (Monday September 23)
  267. fermata: the sustaining of a note, chord, or rest for a duration longer than the indicated time value. (Tuesday September 24)
  268. albedo: the white, inner rind of a citrus fruit. (Wednesday September 25)
  269. sectile: capable of being cut smoothly with a knife. (Thursday September 26)
  270. indubitable: that cannot be doubted; patently evident or certain; unquestionable. (Friday September 27)
  271. gangle: to move awkwardly or ungracefully. (Saturday September 28)
  272. contrail: a visible condensation of water droplets or ice crystals, occurring in the wake of an aircraft. (Sunday September 29)
  273. instauration: renewal; restoration; renovation; repair. (Monday September 30)
  274. loblolly: a mire; mudhole. (Tuesday October 01)
  275. emanate: to flow out, issue, or proceed, as from a source or origin. (Wednesday October 02)
  276. hoosgow: a jail. (Thursday October 03)
  277. bluestocking: a woman with considerable scholarly, literary, or intellectual ability. (Friday October 04)
  278. whirligig: something that whirls or revolves. (Saturday October 05)
  279. malign: to speak harmful untruths about; speak evil of; slander; defame. (Sunday October 06)
  280. picaro: a rogue or vagabond. (Monday October 07)
  281. tittup: an exaggerated prancing, bouncing movement or manner of moving. (Tuesday October 08)
  282. obverse: the side of a coin, medal, flag, etc., that bears the principal design. (Wednesday October 09)
  283. annulate: having rings or ringlike bands. (Thursday October 10)
  284. snollygoster: a clever, unscrupulous person. (Friday October 11)
  285. promulgate: to make known by open declaration; publish. (Saturday October 12)
  286. trepan: a person who ensnares or entraps others. (Sunday October 13)
  287. solipsism: the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist. (Monday October 14)
  288. arraign: to call or bring before a court to answer to an indictment. (Tuesday October 15)
  289. pinion: a gear with a small number of teeth. (Wednesday October 16)
  290. blowzy: having a coarse, ruddy complexion. (Thursday October 17)
  291. aureole: a radiance surrounding the head in the representation of a sacred personage. (Friday October 18)
  292. shoal: a place where a sea, river, or other body of water is shallow. (Saturday October 19)
  293. ennoble: to elevate in degree, excellence, or respect; dignify; exalt. (Sunday October 20)
  294. analysand: a person undergoing psychoanalysis. (Monday October 21)
  295. chattel: a movable article of personal property. (Tuesday October 22)
  296. falderal: mere nonsense; foolish talk or ideas. (Wednesday October 23)
  297. bequeath: to dispose of (personal property, especially money) by last will. (Thursday October 24)
  298. yoho: (used as a call or shout to attract attention, accompany effort, etc.) (Friday October 25)
  299. kelpie: a water spirit, usually having the form of a horse. (Saturday October 26)
  300. phrenology: a psychological theory based on the belief that mental faculties and character traits are indicated by the configurations of the skull. (Sunday October 27)
  301. somnambulism: sleepwalking. (Monday October 28)
  302. crepuscule: twilight; dusk. (Tuesday October 29)
  303. obsequy: a funeral rite or ceremony. (Wednesday October 30)
  304. phantasmagoric: having a fantastic or deceptive appearance. (Thursday October 31)
  305. animalcule: a minute animal, nearly or quite invisible to the naked eye. (Friday November 01)
  306. counterpoise: to balance by an opposing weight; counteract by an opposing force. (Saturday November 02)
  307. vexatious: instituted without sufficient grounds and serving only to cause annoyance to the defendant. (Sunday November 03)
  308. skeigh: proudly. (Monday November 04)
  309. pol: a politician, especially one experienced in making political deals, exchanging political favors, etc. (Tuesday November 05)
  310. adscititious: added or derived from an external source; additional. (Wednesday November 06)
  311. clepe: to call; name. (Thursday November 07)
  312. novitiate: the state or period of being a beginner in anything. (Friday November 08)
  313. en bloc: as a whole. (Saturday November 09)
  314. mufti: civilian clothes, in contrast with military or other uniforms, or as worn by a person who usually wears a uniform. (Sunday November 10)
  315. roger: all right; O.K. (Monday November 11)
  316. diathesis: a constitutional predisposition or tendency, as to a particular disease or affection. (Tuesday November 12)
  317. subjoin: to add at the end, as of something said or written; append. (Wednesday November 13)
  318. commissure: a joint; seam; suture. (Thursday November 14)
  319. maugre: in spite of; notwithstanding. (Friday November 15)
  320. con amore: with love, tender enthusiasm, or zeal. (Saturday November 16)
  321. antitype: something that is foreshadowed by a type or symbol. (Sunday November 17)
  322. commix: to mix together; blend. (Monday November 18)
  323. omnium-gatherum: a miscellaneous collection. (Tuesday November 19)
  324. irredentist: a member of a party in any country advocating the acquisition of some region included in another country. (Wednesday November 20)
  325. snarky: testy or irritable; short. (Thursday November 21)
  326. protoplast: a person or thing that is formed first; original; prototype. (Friday November 22)
  327. tenuity: thinness of consistency; rarefied condition. (Saturday November 23)
  328. za-zen: meditation in a prescribed, cross-legged posture. (Sunday November 24)
  329. decant: to pour a liquid from one container to another. (Monday November 25)
  330. wroth: stormy; violent; turbulent. (Tuesday November 26)
  331. gelt: money. (Wednesday November 27)
  332. borborygmus: a rumbling or gurgling sound caused by the movement of gas in the intestines. (Thursday November 28)
  333. wight: active; nimble. (Friday November 29)
  334. suppletory: supplying a deficiency. (Saturday November 30)
  335. pilcrow: a paragraph mark. (Sunday December 01)
  336. twain: two. (Monday December 02)
  337. pokelogan: marshy or stagnant water that has branched off from a stream or lake. (Tuesday December 03)
  338. largesse: generous bestowal of gifts. (Wednesday December 04)
  339. slumgullion: a stew of meat, vegetables, potatoes, etc. (Thursday December 05)
  340. abiogenesis: the theory that living organisms can arise spontaneously. (Friday December 06)
  341. jocose: given to or characterized by joking. (Saturday December 07)
  342. hardihood: boldness or daring; courage. (Sunday December 08)
  343. calorifacient: (of foods) producing heat. (Monday December 09)
  344. ochlophobia: an abnormal fear of crowds. (Tuesday December 10)
  345. cusp: a point or pointed end. (Wednesday December 11)
  346. lipogram: a written work composed to avoid the use of specific alphabetic characters. (Thursday December 12)
  347. umbriferous: casting or making shade. (Friday December 13)
  348. whitherward: toward what place; in what direction. (Saturday December 14)
  349. misoneism: hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change. (Sunday December 15)
  350. klaxon: a loud electric horn, formerly used on automobiles, trucks, etc. (Monday December 16)
  351. cathexis: the investment of emotional significance in an activity, object, or idea. (Tuesday December 17)
  352. transpontine: across or beyond a bridge. (Wednesday December 18)
  353. ambulate: to walk about or move from place to place. (Thursday December 19)
  354. poultice: a soft, moist mass of cloth, herbs, etc., applied as a medicament to the body. (Friday December 20)
  355. solstice: either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator. (Saturday December 21)
  356. fiddlesticks: (used to express impatience, dismissal, etc.) (Sunday December 22)
  357. parageusia: an abnormal or hallucinatory sense of taste. (Monday December 23)
  358. jigger: any of various mechanical devices, many of which have a jerky or jolting motion. (Tuesday December 24)
  359. advent: a coming into place, view, or being; arrival. (Wednesday December 25)
  360. schmaltz: fat or grease, especially of a chicken. (Thursday December 26)
  361. quadrille: a square dance for four couples. (Friday December 27)
  362. hibernaculum: a protective case or covering, especially for winter. (Saturday December 28)
  363. oeillade: an amorous glance; ogle. (Sunday December 29)
  364. Yarborough: a hand in which no card is higher than a nine. (Monday December 30)
  365. sozzled: drunk; inebriated. (Tuesday December 31)


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