Word of the Day Archive
January 2013

  1. exordium: the beginning of anything.
  2. advert: to remark or comment; refer.
  3. violescent: tending to a violet color.
  4. couthie: agreeable; genial; kindly.
  5. aumildar: a manager or agent.
  6. birl: to spin or cause to rotate.
  7. pseudonymous: bearing a false or fictitious name.
  8. pseudology: lying considered as an art.
  9. pseudomorph: an irregular or unclassifiable form.
  10. pseudoclassic: falsely or spuriously classic.
  11. pseudepigraphy: the false ascription of a piece of writing to an author.
  12. filch: to steal (especially something of small value); pilfer.
  13. eurhythmic: characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned.
  14. also-ran: a person who loses a contest, election, or other competition.
  15. vertex: the highest point of something; apex; summit; top.
  16. preconcert: to arrange in advance or beforehand, as by a previous agreement.
  17. hypnopompic: pertaining to the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness.
  18. Camelot: any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness.
  19. shindy: a row; rumpus.
  20. jubilarian: a person who celebrates or has celebrated a jubilee.
  21. allocution: a formal speech, especially one of an incontrovertible or hortatory nature.
  22. gorgonize: to hypnotize; petrify.
  23. en règle: in order; according to the rules; correct.
  24. kibitzer: a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice.
  25. brabble: to argue stubbornly about trifles; wrangle.
  26. antipathetic: opposed, averse, or contrary.
  27. intemerate: inviolate; undefiled; unsullied; pure.
  28. word-hoard: a person's vocabulary.
  29. plotz: to collapse or faint, as from surprise, excitement, or exhaustion.
  30. wellaway: used to express sorrow.
  31. jackanapes: an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man.


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