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Monday, April 08, 2013


\ple-THAWR-ik, -THOR-, PLETH-uh-rik\ , adjective;
overfull; turgid; inflated: a plethoric, pompous speech.
of, pertaining to, or characterized by plethora.
He is a plethoric sleeper: literally a sleeper having an excess of red corpuscles in the blood (the opposite of anaemic), suggesting "unhealthy repletion", but here a "heavy" sleeper.
-- Arthur Conan Doyle, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, 1903
And I did these things, not that I was an egotist, not that I was impervious to the critical glances of my fellows, but because of a certain hogskin belt, plethoric and sweat-bewrinkled, which buckled next the skin above the hips.
-- Jack London, "The Dignity of Dollars," Revolution and Other Essays, 1900
Plethoric came to English in the late 1300s from the Greek plethore meaning "fullness."
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