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July 2013

  1. muster: to gather, summon, rouse.
  2. sprechgesang: a vocal style intermediate between speech and singing but without exact pitch intonation.
  3. lyceum: an institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc.
  4. dandy: something or someone of exceptional or first-rate quality.
  5. blighter: British Slang. a chap; bloke.
  6. integrant: making up or being a part of a whole; constituent.
  7. yawp: to utter a loud, harsh cry; to yelp, squawk, or bawl.
  8. edacity: voraciousness; appetite.
  9. layette: an outfit of clothing, bedding, etc., for a newborn baby.
  10. boniface: any landlord or innkeeper.
  11. accrete: to grow together; adhere.
  12. ploce: repetition of a word or phrase to gain special emphasis or indicate an extension of meaning.
  13. Sisyphean: endless and unavailing, as labor or a task.
  14. rifacimento: a recast or adaptation, as of a literary or musical work.
  15. fribble: to act in a foolish or frivolous manner; trifle.
  16. scabrous: full of difficulties.
  17. gobbet: a lump or mass.
  18. poetaster: an inferior poet; a writer of indifferent verse.
  19. rendezvous: to assemble at an agreed time and place.
  20. bushwa: rubbishy nonsense; baloney; bull.
  21. clangor: a loud, resonant sound.
  22. quillet: a subtlety or quibble.
  23. sidle: to move sideways or obliquely.
  24. grammatology: the scientific study of systems of writing.
  25. dispositive: involving or affecting disposition or settlement.
  26. cyclopean: gigantic; vast.
  27. additament: something added; an addition.
  28. dreck: worthless trash; junk.
  29. coaptation: a joining or adjustment of parts to one another.
  30. esse: being; existence.
  31. residuum: the residue, remainder, or rest of something.


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