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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


\kri-PUHS-kyool, KREP-uh-skyool\ , noun;
twilight; dusk.
But when he awoke at length there was a great Phoenix brooding with spread wings above his prostrate form, its white plumage like a ghostly crepuscule and its red eyes glowing close against his own pallid and fervent face.
-- Arthur Edward Waite, The Quest of the Golden Stairs, 1893
For that is Anayat in the crepuscule, purple and mellow, sparkling and warm and effulgent when there is a moon, cool and heady and sensuous when there is no moon.
-- Arturo B. Rotor, "Zita," 1937
Crepuscule entered English around the year 1400 from the Latin meaning "twilight, dusk, darkness."
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