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Thursday, December 12, 2013


\LIP-uh-gram, LAHY-puh-\ , noun;
a written work composed of words chosen so as to avoid the use of one or more specific alphabetic characters.
I suddenly felt possessive of our boat, our game, a travel set with tiny magnetic letters. "Our board is missing a few tiles," I said. "Just makes it more of a challenge…a lipogram."
-- Gayle Brandeis, Delta Girls: A Novel, 2010
So the poet whose hunger is simply to speak—tell truths, right wrongs—what need has he for the lipogram, for colors of rhetoric, antilibrations of phrase on phrase?
-- John Gardner, Jason and Medeia, 1973
Lipogram entered English at the turn of the 18th century from the Greek lipográmmatos meaning "missing a letter."
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