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Monday, December 30, 2013


\YAHR-bur-oh, -buhr-oh or, esp. British, -ber-uh\ , noun;
Whist, Bridge. a hand in which no card is higher than a nine.
"Who kills over a bridge hand? Anyway, I had a total Yarborough—look at my hand and look at her hand!"
-- Matthew Granovetter, I Shot My Bridge Partner, 1999
"When the time comes, I shall take a white handerchief out of my coat pocket. That will mean that you are about to be dealt a Yarborough…"
-- Ian Fleming, Moonraker, 1955
Yarborough came to English in the late 1800s after the 2nd Earl of Yarborough, who was said to have bet 1000 to 1 against the occurrence of a card hand in which no card is higher than a nine.
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