Word of the Day Archive
February 2014

  1. galligaskins: leggings or gaiters, usually of leather.
  2. slake: to allay (thirst, desire, wrath, etc.) by satisfying.
  3. posy: a flower, nosegay, or bouquet.
  4. inglenook: a corner or nook near a fireplace.
  5. farceur: a joker; wag.
  6. neologize: to make or use new words or create new meanings for existing words.
  7. schuss: to execute a straight downhill run at high speed, as in skiing.
  8. maw: the symbolic or theoretical center of a voracious hunger or appetite of any kind.
  9. dulcify: to make more agreeable; mollify; also, to sweeten.
  10. blatherskite: a person given to voluble, empty talk.
  11. sooth: truth, reality, or fact.
  12. albumen: the white of an egg.
  13. pluvial: of or pertaining to rain; rainy.
  14. schatzi: sweetheart, darling.
  15. ailurophilia: a liking for cats, as by cat fanciers.
  16. chirk: to cheer (usually followed by up).
  17. august: venerable; eminent.
  18. bestiary: a collection of moralized fables about actual or mythical animals.
  19. moiety: a half; a small part.
  20. Salchow: an ice-skating jump in which the skater leaps from the back inside edge of one skate, making one full rotation of the body in the air.
  21. toothsome: pleasing to the taste; palatable.
  22. razz: to deride; make fun of; tease.
  23. columbine: dovelike; dove-colored.
  24. malinger: to pretend illness, especially in order to shirk one's duty, avoid work, etc.
  25. sciamachy: an act or instance of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy.
  26. fusty: old-fashioned or out-of-date.
  27. deipnosophist: a person who is an adept conversationalist at table.
  28. aubade: a song greeting the dawn.


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