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Thursday, February 27, 2014


\dahyp-NOS-uh-fist\ , noun;
a person who is an adept conversationalist at table.
At the age of six his future as a deipnosophist seemed certain. Guzzling filched apples he loved to prattle. Hogging the pie he invariably piped up and rattled on.
-- Ellis Sharp, "The Bloating of Nellcock," The Aleppo Button, 1991
A deipnosophist is one who makes an art of dining, as distinguished from a gourmet, who makes an unholy fuss about it.
-- Robertson Davies, The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks, 1985
Deipnosophist comes from the title of a work written by the Greek Athenaeus in about 228 AD, Deipnosophistai, in which a number of wise men sit at a dinner table and discuss a wide range of topics. It is derived from deipnon, "dinner" + sophistas, "a clever or wise man."
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