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Monday, April 07, 2014


\ey-KROH-mik\ , adjective;
colorless; without coloring matter.
The opportunity to turn something down, to glance at the achromic cauliflower and move on, to pick at a few foods, guzzle others, and then casually, guiltlessly, slide them all off the tray and into the trash if one wishes...
-- Tania James, Atlas of Unknowns, 2009
The upper half of the very tall cells is either achromic or it stains very lightly with toluidine blue.
-- Edited by John Buettner-Janusch, Evolutionary and Genetic Biology of Primates, 1964
A combination of a- and chromic, achromic entered English in the 1750s. The prefix a- is a variant of an-, which meant "not," "without," or "lacking" in Greek, as in the words anarchy and amoral. A common variant is achromous.
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