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May 2014

  1. effloresce: to burst into bloom; blossom.
  2. sally: an excursion or trip, usually off the main course.
  3. scintillate: to twinkle, as the stars.
  4. withershins: counterclockwise.
  5. coterie: a group of people who associate closely.
  6. flit: to move lightly and swiftly; flutter.
  7. wanderlust: a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.
  8. caprine: of or pertaining to goats.
  9. diction: choice or style of words in speech or writing.
  10. zephyr: a gentle, mild breeze.
  11. matrifocal: focused or centered on the mother.
  12. frippery: finery in dress, especially when showy or gaudy.
  13. ad hominem: appealing to one's prejudices or emotions rather than to one's intellect or reason.
  14. grabble: to feel or search with the hands.
  15. vane: a person who is readily changeable or fickle.
  16. tarantism: a mania characterized by an uncontrollable impulse to dance.
  17. soothsay: to foretell events; predict.
  18. adret: a side of a mountain receiving direct sunlight.
  19. verbicide: the willful distortion of the original meaning of a word.
  20. nettle: to irritate, annoy, or provoke.
  21. abecedarian: a person who is learning the letters of the alphabet.
  22. leviathan: anything of immense size and power.
  23. wildling: a wild plant, flower, or animal.
  24. meta: consciously referencing its own subject or features.
  25. bel-esprit: a person of great wit or intellect.
  26. indelible: that cannot be eliminated, forgotten, or the like.
  27. boondoggle: to do work of little or no practical value merely to keep or look busy.
  28. meliorism: the doctrine that the world may be made better by human effort.
  29. hokum: out-and-out nonsense; bunkum.
  30. penultimate: next to the last.
  31. xyst: a garden walk planted with trees.


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