Word of the Day Archive
June 2014

  1. braggart: a person who does a lot of bragging.
  2. gnomist: a writer of aphorisms.
  3. embroil: to bring into discord or conflict.
  4. sparge: to scatter or sprinkle.
  5. onomasticon: a list or collection of proper names.
  6. peregrine: foreign; alien; coming from abroad.
  7. crapulous: given to or characterized by excess in drinking or eating.
  8. prate: to talk excessively and pointlessly.
  9. strident: making or having a harsh sound.
  10. prevaricator: a person who speaks falsely; liar.
  11. foray: a quick raid, usually for the purpose of taking plunder.
  12. gloze: to explain away.
  13. ambulant: moving from place to place.
  14. zedonk: the offspring of a zebra and a donkey.
  15. beget: especially of a male parent, to procreate or generate offspring.
  16. gallinipper: any of various insects that sting or bite, especially a large American mosquito.
  17. transfigure: to change in outward form or appearance.
  18. scofflaw: a person who flouts the law, especially one who fails to pay fines owed.
  19. flak: criticism; hostile reaction; abuse.
  20. agrarian: rural; agricultural.
  21. epithalamion: a song or poem in honor of a bride and bridegroom.
  22. arsy-varsy: wrong end foremost; completely backward.
  23. droke: a valley with steeply sloping sides.
  24. garboil: confusion.
  25. peckish: somewhat hungry.
  26. blithesome: lighthearted; merry; cheerful.
  27. environs: the surrounding parts or districts, as of a city.
  28. clement: mild or merciful in disposition or character.
  29. smirch: to discolor or soil.
  30. rident: laughing; smiling; cheerful.


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