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Monday September 1, 2014

anfitrión, noun:

Both Spanish and English share many words derived from Greek or Latin. El anfitrión, host, comes from Greek, and is a word which English doesn’t have. In fact, it derives from a person’s name (just as sandwich derives from a real person, the Earl of Sandwich). In Greek mythology, Amphitrion was king of the Greek city of Thebes, and was famous for his lavish banquets. Spanish adopted this word — although the implication that a host is bound to be lavish and generous is no longer necessarily part of the word!

en su calidad de anfitrión
in his capacity as host

el país anfitrión de un Mundial
a country which is hosting a World Cup

The feminine of el anfitrión is anfitriona, without a written accent. As well as referring to hosts at parties and so forth, anfitrión also refers to organizations and countries which host an event.

Argentina y la anfitriona, Australia
Argentina, and the host country, Australia

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