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Wednesday December 6, 2006

elefante, noun:

All down the generations, nursery rhymes and songs have been a practical way of teaching youngsters about all sorts of things ranging from days of the week, months of the year to colors, times and numbers. We can probably all remember some counting songs from our early childhoods - maybe One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive, or Ten green bottles hanging on the wall.
The following Spanish counting song is not about fish or bottles, but about elephants.
Un elefante se balanceaba sobre la tela de una araña. Como veía que no se caía fue a llamar a otro elefante. Dos elefantes se balanceaban...
Or, in English...
An elephant was swinging On a spider’s web. When it saw that it didn’t fall, It went off to call another elephant. Two elephants were swinging...
I guess you can work out the rest.

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