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Sunday April 1, 2007

comprometerse, reflexive verb:
to commit yourself; to promise

Comprometerse is another word which isn’t quite what it seems. In one of its uses it means to commit yourself to something, rather than ‘to compromise yourself’.

No te comprometas demasiado pronto
Don’t commit yourself too soon

If you commit yourself to something you need the preposition a:

La empresa se compromete a una subida salarial
The company is committed to a pay rise

When comprometerse is followed by a and then an infinitive, it means to promise to do or to undertake to do.

Me comprometí a ayudarte y lo haré
I promised to help you, and I shall

Los grupos organizadores se han comprometido a no actuar como lo hicieron en la última manifestación
The organizing groups have undertaken not to behave as they did at the last demonstration

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