Spanish Word of the Day Archive
June 2007

  1. anciano: elderly
  2. asunto: matter
  3. broma: joke
  4. callarse: to stop talking; to keep quiet
  5. casarse: to get married
  6. caso: case
  7. celos: jealousy
  8. collar: necklace; collar
  9. conseguir (2): to manage
  10. disimular: to hide, to conceal; to pretend
  11. encoger: to shrink; to shrug
  12. equivocarse: to make a mistake; to be wrong
  13. explicarse: to express yourself, to explain (yourself)
  14. ignorar: not to know; to ignore
  15. intención: intention; meaning
  16. inri: to make matters worse, to cap it all
  17. lo: the important etc thing
  18. molestar: to bother, to annoy
  19. molestar (2): to mind
  20. ocurrir: to happen
  21. parecer: to think
  22. parecer (2): to think
  23. razón: to be right
  24. tal: how are things?
  25. temer: to be afraid of, to be frightened of
  26. tontería: silliness; nonsense, garbage
  27. vidrio: glass; window pane
  28. agresión: aggression
  29. competencia: rivalry; competition
  30. campo: country, countryside, field

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