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Monday November 12, 2007

mano, noun:

As you probably already know, mano has the basic meaning of hand:

Dame la mano, José.
Give me your hand, José.

In this meaning it comes into lots of phrases which are very similar to English:

una bufanda hecha a mano
a handmade scarf

dar una mano a alguien
to give somebody a hand

echar una mano a alguien
to lend or give somebody a hand

en buenas manos
in good hands

Sepan ustedes que van a estar en buenas manos.
You can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

de primera mano and de segunda mano translate first-hand and second-hand:

Conocemos la noticia de primera mano.
We got the news first-hand.

Se ha comprado un coche de segunda mano.
He’s bought a second-hand car.

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