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Thursday November 22, 2007

claro, adverb:
sure; of course

Claro is a word you’ll hear very, very often in conversation. The more you use it appropriately when speaking, the more natural your Spanish will sound.
In one meaning it’s just a way of saying sure when somebody asks you something:

¿Te gusta el béisbol? - ¡Claro!
Do you like baseball? - Sure!

¿Puedo usar tu carro mañana? - ¡Claro!
Can I use your car tomorrow? - Sure!

The other main meaning of claro is of course. You often use claro when you suddenly realize something.

¡Claro! Por eso estaba tan rara ayer.
Of course! that’s why she was acting so strange yesterday.

¡Claro que sí! means Yes, of course and ¡Claro que no! means Of course not, or Not at all.

¿Me permites? - ¡Claro que sí!
May I? - Of course!

¿Le molesta? - ¡Claro que no!
Is it bothering you? - Not at all.

In face-to face-conversation, or on the phone, Spanish speakers tend to say ¡Claro! a lot. It’s a way of letting the other person know they’re listening and that they agree. Why don’t you try it next time you have a conversation?

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