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Saturday January 19, 2008

aunque, conjunction:
(al)though; even though; even if

Aunque is a very commonly used linking word, or conjunction.
Its main meaning is although or though:

No esperaba eso de él, aunque entiendo por qué lo hizo.
I wasn’t expecting that from him, although I can understand why he did it.

Estoy pensando en ir, aunque no sé cuándo.
I’m thinking of going, though I don’t know when.

It can also mean even though:

Seguí andando, aunque me dolía mucho la pierna.
I went on walking even though my leg was hurting badly.

In all the examples above aunque is used with the indicative. However, if it refers to a future or hypothetical event, you’ll need to use the subjunctive:

No lo confesaría, aunque lo mataran.
He wouldn’t confess, even if they killed him.

Debes ir, aunque no quieras.
You’ll have to go even if/even though you don’t want to.

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