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Sunday June 22, 2008

económico, adjective:
economic, financial; economical, inexpensive

Económico has two basic meanings. First, you use it to refer to the economy and the world of finances:

El país saldrá de la crisis económica más rápido que la crisis de 1982.
The country will recover from the financial or economic crisis quicker than in 1982.

When económico goes with the word problema, problem, you translate it as finanical or economic, depending on the context.

Los problemas económicos familiares se agravaron.
The family’s finanical problems got worse.

Resolveremos los problemas económicos que padece el país.
We shall solve the economic problems that the country is suffering from.

In its other meaning, económico refers to things which are economical or inexpensive.

el coche más económico del mercado americano
the most economical or inexpensive automobile on the American market

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